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"My eyelashes look great. I had them done elsewhere before but was not as happy. I loved my results and booked my next appointment before leaving"
- Leanne B, London N7
"I had a Whitening Collagen facial - I hate my freckles and wanted to lighten them - after two treatments my husband noticed my face was clearer with less freckles. - Thank you Emily!"
 - Annie M, London N1 
"I love my lashes and the experience was pain free and relaxing. The difference is amazing and it's great that I don't even need to wear mascara - I can just get up and go! I've had lots of comments from friends and family and would definately recommend the treatment."
- Irena C, London NW1
"Emily has done an absolutely fabulous job with my eyelashes. The whole experience was quite relaxing and after Emily’s magical touch I woke up with longer, fuller and luscious lashes. The eyelash extensions make me feel gorgeous and I have received many compliments from my friends and family."
- Jal R, London E12
“Emily did a great job on my eyelashes. They were fabulous and opened up my eyes tenfold! I had my lashes done before but they were nothing as close to as great as this time round. I think I have found my new addiction!”
- Yen N, London NW6
"Emily did a brilliant job on my eyelashes, with a very gentle touch and great eye for detail. I've been to quite a few places and no one else really comes close in terms of result, price and location. She has a huge selection of styles and does a really thorough job - I've recommended her to all my friends!"
- Alex R, London, E1
"I'm really happy with my eyelash extensions. They give me a real confidence boost yet still look so natural. I love waking up in the morning and feeling so pretty. I can do any activities I want and can't feel any extra weight on my lashes, which is just great!"
- Leila T, London SE8
"I am relatively new to eyelash extensions and came to Emily for infills after a set that I had done on holiday became patchy. Emily did a careful and very comprehensive job on my lashes, restoring them to a much better standard than the first set I had attached. My new lashes are thicker and more even than the original extensions - thanks Emily for doing such a good job!"
- Vanessa A, London N1
"Hi Emily! Just wanted to say a big big thanks for the amazing eyelashes you made for me. I have lots of compliments =) take care darling and see you again"
- Anna Z, London SE16
"I found 'Angel Beauty" on the internet and was really pleased to be able to have the same-day eye-lash extention treatment!! Originally I am from Latvia and I always did my lashes there (and that means just once a year, not enough for long-lash lover:)) )  and I could never find the same quality here in London.
Nevertheless, Emily is a real find because the lashes that I have now are simply amazing!!! Fantastic quality, put with great care and impossible to tell that they are not mine!!! I went for a natural look this time, but still the effect is amazing!!! I am loving loving loving them!! And also - Emily has such a lovely warm personality, she really loves what she does and maybe thats why the results are so fanatstic!!"
- Anna M, London NW5
"I've had eyelash extensions done elsewhere for over a year now. I thought after a couple of months off i'd try a different brand and beautician. I find emily's extensions much fuller and more striking.
After two weeks they are still looking good.and I'd highly recommend these extensions."
- Alice T, London SW19
“I am absolutely thrilled with my new lashes and the great service Emily provides. After years of clamping my eyelashes into curlers I can wake up with thick, long and curled lashes and be ready to go. I would highly recommend Emily and will be telling all my friends.”
- Natalie H, London NW3
"My eyelash extensions look amazing!! They are by far the best that I have had and I will now only go to Emily."
- Zoe P, London, EC4
“Emily is by far the best eyelash technician I've ever had. She's careful, pays attention to detail and obviously very skilled at what she does. You end up with fantastic lashes for a really good price!”
- Kimberly D, London, NW3
"I was bit anxious before the process stared as did not know what to expect. I wanted to have beautiful eyelashes that stand out without looking too fake.
Emily was amazing and did such a fantastic job. I was really nicely surprised with the end results. Her attention to details was great and I am looking forward to my next appointment. I am hooked. I got lots of nice compliments on my eyelashes."
- Renata W, London, NW6 
"As an older lady I was apprehensive that lash extensions might look OTT but Emily got them just right. Just goes to show, you're never too old! Thanks Emily."
- Yvonne H, London SW1
"I'm loving my new lash extensions. Emily recommended a D-curl which I wasn't sure I could pull off, but I'm so glad I went with them. They've made a huge difference and have really opened up my eyes! I've had lots of compliments from friends about them and can't help but look at them when I walk past a mirror!"
- Joanna C, London, NW8
"I cannot explain how my lashes look, words don't do justice to the beauty of the lashes and the price!! The service emily provides is unbeatable. Don't give it a miss."
- Nazma J, Ilford, IG1
"I had my eyelashes done by Emily of Angel Beauty. They are amazing! I have to say she did an amazing job at infilling lashes that I previously had done elsewhere. I explained to her that I was unhappy with the thickness and curl that another technician gave me - I had been to the other place twice and asked for natural the first time and glamour the second. On both occasions they looked the same! Emily gave me infills that looked better than the original 'full set' I had from that well known eyelash fairy. Not only that, but Emily is extremely nice and personable. She listened to exactly what I wanted, unlike the technician from the other place. There, you make an appointment with the woman who owns the company and who is supposed to be amazing at applying lashes but when you arrive there, your extensions are applied by one of her technicians. This technician barely speaks to you or acknowledges what you are saying to her -I don't even know her name, she's never had the courtesy to introduce herself. I can't fault her application, but they apply what they call a 'full set' within an hour and I am ALWAYS disappointed. They only use a 'J' curl, which just isnt curly enough for me. Emily carries all types of lash, thicknesses, curl and lengths and takes the time to discuss which look you want and which are the best eyelashes to achieve that. I am so happy with the way Emily 'fixed' my eyelashes. They look fab and I'm sure they will look even better when she applies a set from scratch, rather than doing her best to fix lashes done by someone else - even though she did do a brilliant job at that. Finding a good technician is trial and error but once you find a technician that listens and can talk you through what you would want and what is best for your eye shape and health of your eyelashes, stick to them! I'm sticking with Emily!!"
- M M, TW7
After a really bad experience with 'The Lash Clinic' I came to Emily  to sort out the mess their technitions made, and she did a fantastic job!! I am so pleased with my new lashes, she really is the best at what she does. Such a difference in quality and skill.Thankyou.
Sophia, North London
"I have been to a few therapists and different companies to have eyelash extensions and there has always been one problem or another. I can say hands down that Emily is undoubtably the best I have been to. My eyelashes still look great weeks after my first treatment. I cannot recommend Emily enough!!"
Jacquie C 
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