Yes there is such a thing as lash shampoo. It's essential to the daily up-keep of your lashes. It should be added to your skin care routine to avoid common eyelid problems like Blepharitis which is becoming more and more common especially when clients aren't washing their eye area properly as they are afraid their lash extensions may weaken and fall out. Some clients have even told me that they have been told not to get the lashes wet!! Yes that may be true for the first 24 hours but after that you should let water run through them to clear away any dirt, make up and any build up in general. Not doing so may lead to problems with the eyes and infections and in some case, lash mites (aka Demodex) SCARY!! 

So please do take lash cleaning seriously!! 

Here's the perfect Lash Shampoo Recipe. Easy to make, and chemical free:

Get a foam pumper bottle, and add to it:

1 part Baby Shampoo (gently cleanses the eyes)
3 parts Bottled Water (never use tap water)
1 tsp Baking Soda (adjust the PH and boosts the gentle cleaning power)

Bottle it, shake well and use daily. So simple and easy to make. 

Watch the Video for more information 

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